Feature Requests

About the Feature Requests category (3)
Base64::convertFromBase64 should be more forgiving (6)
Add setDefaultFixedTypeface to juce::LookAndFeel (1)
Allow Normalizable Ranges To Go Large - Small (1)
Rectangle::getSize() missing (15)
Add annotation support for ComboBox items (1)
FR: Add option for displaying a keyboard component to the standalone plugin (4)
FR: Projucer & Module Format: Add support for more complex macro options (1)
FR: Add system tray icon on desktop for controlling standalone plugin settings (1)
[FR] ProJucer save without overwriting local JUCE modules (8)
Path::intersectsLine(Line<float> line, float tolerance, Point<float>& intersection) (1)
Communication channels between audio-processor and its editor (instead of directly accessing objects) (3)
[FR] PJ: Add an option to run a post export script (2)
VS2019 and CLion projects to Git? (6)
Support for 3rd party modules in Projucer ( 2 3 ) (57)
FileChooser::browseForMultipleDirectories (6)
FR: Add GL_MAJOR_VERSION and GL_MINOR_VERSION to the Missing Defs (1)
menuBarHeight parameter needed for DocumentWindow::setMenuBarComponent() (2)
CMake support in the Projucer ( 2 3 ) (48)
SIMD abs? (1)
Replace ParameterControlHighlightInfo::parameterIndex With Parameter ID String (1)
Add support for detecting more multimedia keys (1)
[FR] fractional delay line (20)
PixelFormat::SingleChannel (5)
Replace 'typedef' with 'using' (1)
[FR] make dsp::Oscillator's linearSmoothedValue public (2)
Components for Viewing Graphs/Plots/Charts/Diagrams (4)
VST3 support on Linux (4)
[FR] Add IPP support for FFT (1)