1.36 typo error

just to notice, compiling 1.36 with gcc 4 :

…/…/src/juce_core/io/streams/juce_GZIPCompressorOutputStream.cpp:89: error: ex tra qualification ‘juce::GZIPCompressorHelper::’ on member ‘GZIPCompressorHelper ’
make[1]: *** […/…/bin/intermediate_linux/Debug/juce_GZIPCompressorOutputStream .o] Error 1
make: *** [JUCE] Error 2

Odd. It builds ok for me with gcc4. I don’t understand what it’s saying - is it compaining about the throw() ?

it complains about GZipCompressor:: specified before the destructor. keeping out it compiles fine. ah i’0m trying at work on red hat enterprise…

Ah - I was looking at the wrong cpp file!

I see it now, it’s just a typo like you say.

yeah only a typo.
compiling the jucer i get:

…/…/src/model/jucer_ComponentLayout.cpp:36:54: error: components/jucer_ComponentUndoableAction.H: No such file or directory

i think is only a “.h” mistyped in “.H”…

Right - ta for that too.

no problem man, actually i’m heavily testing under a lot of distributions all my apps (and of course juce apps)… i have not compiled with GL or xinerama support, but if i try to open the preferences window from the jucer, the app reach a trace/assert and exits immediately without showing the window. also if you try to visualize the generated cpp from the app, and you do not have specified any template, the app exits as well without notify anything to the user… another 0.02$

Yeah, this is just the assertion in juce_File.cpp:173, warning about an incomplete filename. It’s not serious, and only happens if you compile in debug mode. Annoying that it just quits though, when you’re not running the debugger.