1.44 and dev-c++ .... there's nothing in the build folder

i’ve just downloaded the new release of juce and dev cpp (yessss i know about vc express!) and, in the “readme” file it tells about how to build juce with devcpp but in the build folder there’s nothing about devc++.
So…uhm…maybe i should take an holiday?
cheers from rome

Maybe you should consider the Code::Blocks IDE project file?
As I know, the dev-cpp IDE support has been ditched (stopped, dropped, ceased, discontinued) or something.

I’ve been perplexed by this as well since I switched to the Subversion JUCE. I had been building by slightly modifying the Dev-Cpp files, so I was wondering where they went too. Perhaps I’m the only one, but I prefer to just use MingW myself from the commandline, helped just by a Makefile. Is there a way to generate a Makefile from the Code::Blocks project file? If so, would it be worth adding the generated Makefiles to the Subversion repository for users like me, or must I break down and install Code::Blocks?

The thing I’m trying to avoid is having too many builds to test every time I do a release - it already takes me an entire day to go through the few that are there. I’m not much of a code::blocks expert, but I’m sure it can do a makefile. Or maybe convert the linux makefile?