16bit audio loops not playing correctly

When I attempt to use the demo to load a 16bit audiofile with EngineHelpers::loadAudioFileAsClip,
16bit files do not play correctly. I have to convert them to 24bit in order to load and play them with the engine. The same 16bit files do play in WaveForm however.

What am I doing wrong?

What kind of audio files are they? The bit-depth is all handled pretty much transparently by JUCE…

They are wav files. On windows.

When you say they “do not play correctly”, what actually happens? Are the juce::AudioFormatReaders created correctly for them?

You might have to step through it a bit so we can narrow down what’s going on.

There’s an audible thump when playback it’s started. But nothing else. I’ve successfully played them in other juce based apps without this issue.

That’s odd. It’s not a time-stretching artefact is it? Could be because only the 16-bit version has tempo meta-data?