2-in, 8-out Audio Unit?

I’ve programmed a plugin with a {2,8} configuration as the only option. It works fine as a VST but crashes auval… in aulab it’s not shown as an AU. Do I always have to supply a {2,2} option then, even if it doesn’t make any sense given what the plugin is doing?

Depends why those apps are having trouble - have you checked whether it’s your code that’s causing the crash?

I have a similar problem. My plugin supports configurations {5, 5}, {6, 6} and {7, 7}. If i only supply those the plugin works but crashes auval. In Logic Pro the plugin appears under the unsupported menu, but works fine. Adding a {2, 2} configuration makes auval happy and me unhappy.

When debugging with auval, the crash happens somewhere in auval, not inside my code.