30+ Jobs available at Focusrite

It occurred to me I should probably share this here as there are so many relevant jobs available at the moment, and the list keeps growing!


Very interesting, also quite unusual in this industry I think for a fairly well established company, any idea why they have so many places available right now? Expansions after a run of strong sales, relocations, sudden mass-resignations, recent funding rounds for investment, change of leadership, and on and on?

@hill-matthew great question. Three key factors I would say.

  1. About half (14) of the roles are student placement roles.
  2. The company has been expanding a lot recently. For example Focusrite acquired ADAM Audio last July, and Martin Audio in December.
  3. Due to the size of the company (a quick check puts us at approaching 300 members of staff between Focusrite, Focusrite Pro, Novation, and Ampify) there will always be somebody leaving!

Seems to be a glut of plugin developer jobs showed up recently, I see it as an indication that the sector is doing well.

Yes good point @asimilon, the lockdowns around the world have certainly had a very positive impact on sales for us throughout most of the business and Iā€™m sure they have for many others appealing to new creators wanting to start creating or recording music and audio at home.