32/64 Bit Universal AU problem

I’ve successfully managed to build a 32/64Bit Universal of my AU plugin. That was with deployment target = 10.6. I want the 32Bit versions (that are inside the universal binary) to run with 10.4, as they always did. Problem is that I get errors saying “Mac OS X version 10.5 or later is needed for zerocost-exceptions”.
Is there a way to set the deployment target depending on if LP64 is defined? I know most people switched to 10.5, but it would still be nice to support 10.4, too.

Not that I know of… Would be interested to hear if you manage to hack it though!

So, one would indeed be forced to compile 32Bit and 64Bit separately, and then put them together in a UB (there’s a tool for that, don’t remember the name)?

Ok,just found out! It’s actually possible to define conditional build settings in XCode’s GUI. Just click on Deployment Target and then click on the little Tool button (the one with the gearwheel on it) and there choose “Add Build Setting Condition”.

Interesting, thanks!