360 degree webcam support


I’ve just built the JuceDemo and tried out the “Camera Capture” example, which works great when I use the webcam built into my laptop. However, when I try to use the video streaming options provided the RICOH Theta S, I am left with a blank screen and no option to “Take a snapshot” or “Record a movie”.

To give some more information: I am using the “THETA UVC Blender” / “THETA UVC FullHD Blender” drivers provided by RICOH, which stitch the spherical video and create an equirectangular video stream in real-time, and also allows the camera to be treated as a webcam by the OS (Windows 10 in my case).

I’ve managed to stream this video using Skype (again, treating the 360 camera as a webcam), so I know that this is possible. So my question is:

Has anyone else encountered situations where a “webcam” was not recognised by JUCE, but managed to find a workaround that they are willing to share? Or is it a case that I would have request support for such a device?
(it is my understanding that this should be just like any other webcam that streams 720p/1080p images, only with a 2:1 aspect ratio, so maybe the devices name(s) need only be added to a list somewhere? but please pardon my ignorance if this is a completely wrong assumption!)

Many thanks and best regards,