3d textures

Hi, I plan to do some raycasting on the juce platform and I was wondering if there is support for 3d textures and passes withing shaders.

Thank you

I'd have thought that's something you'd handle in your own GL shader code (?)

The library really just gives you a framework within which you can do whatever GL stuff you need to, it doesn't aim to wrap all the native GL functions. But if there's anything that could be added to help what you're doing, let me know!

I have cheked the openGLTexture.cpp file and check that u have load functions for images ARGB, alpha, etc but there is no loader for dds files which are the ones I have for my 3d textures. do u have a loader for this type of files or should I build one myself?

Thanks for the help I will try to work around the juce demo. I am new to openGL and I want to avoid using glew, freeglut and work entirely on JUCE.

Thank you



Ah yes, it might need an extra flag or something to handle that, but I know nothing whatsoever about 3d texture files so can't really suggest anything.

Of course it's not obligatory to use the juce helper classes for textures at all - you can create your own textures using all the normal GL functions, and this might be something that falls into that category.

thank you man, your input is really appreciated.