3rd party framework in AU

Hi guys, I’m building an audio plugin with JUCE and I need to add a 3rd party framework. It works fine in standalone but auval fails. It complains about not finding the framework. It says it is neither in /System/Library/Frameworks (where it does not belong anyway) nor under @rpath. Then it was complaining that @ path expansion violates security policy.

Logic will still load the plugin fine, if I force it to use it, though, which is really weird.

Then I exchanged the @rpath reference in the AudioUnit with install_name_tool -change <old-path> <new-path> <file>. That worked but told me that it had to break code signing. When I re-ran auval, the “not found” errors went away, but it still could not be loaded, supposedly because of the broken signing.

Has any of you encountered something similar and managed to resolve it?

cheers and thanks a bunch :slight_smile:

you have to copy the framework and run the install name tool in a post build cmake command
then sign