64bit and Cocoa?

This is kind of OT and I won’t change the library though, it is interesting news…


There might be something good idea in the source…

  • Masa

Yeah, that’s exactly what I’m planning to do to get 64-bit support. But with about 50 developers, they’ve obviously been able to get started on it quicker than me!

Yes, of course I understand. :wink:

So we might be able to see what is the difficult point, what is the good way to do through their great work at the moment… 8)

  • Masa

Jules, would you be a dear and try to use iPhone compatible APIs when you do the Cocoa thing? Cocoa Touch seems to be a sub-super-set of Cocoa, so that should be possible.



Yes, that’s an interesting thing to bear in mind. I’m sure writing an iphone app isn’t just as simple as that though.

If you’re bored, take a look at the announcement. It’s not much more than that, since the iPhone basically runs OS X. Of course, you’d have to compile on xCode, and use a few different frameworks, but if you’re entirely bridged to the OS via Cocoa, then it should ‘just work’.

And that would be very cool.


Hmm. Very interesting.