64Bit Plugins crash

Hello everybody,

I builded a VST-Plugin for MAC an windows. 

Windows 32bit everything is cool and works well. 
Compiling the 64Bit Versions works well. But when I try to load them in a Host (Cubase, Nuendo), the host crashes while scanning the Plugin Folder. After restarting the host, the plugin is not in the plugin list, scanning again --> crash 

I hope you can help me. 



Hang on while I attempt to psychically debug your program and see what's wrong with your code.... no.. sorry.. my powers of clairvoyance are not strong enough today.

Your debugger, however, would probably be able to tell you exactly what's crashing.


Run in debug mode, note where it crashes.


On windows, you need to do "attach to process" in the build menu to debug properly. 


Sorry first for my somewhat hasty and inaccurate first post. 
I attached now Cubase to my XCode project and tried to scan my Plugin folder again. The debugger gave me some more detailed information .

I found some points where the debugger says "signal sigabrt" but as far as I know, that only means that something went wrong. The Signals occur especially at the destructors of my std::vector's (I use some vectors in my Plugin with my own types std::vector<ownType>). And then the Signal occur at the destructor of my Audioprocessor and of the JuceVstWrapper and in the Method "dispatchEffectClass(...)" of the AudioEffect-Class. 

Is there something I have to know by using this std::vectors while building 64Bit plugins, or is it a OSX-Problem? 
 Im not really familiar with such debugger-signals but I hope it gets better :) 

Now after further testing, the signal no more appears in the Vector classes. Now only in the Destructor of my "Audioprocessor" in the Destructor of the juceVSTWrapper and in the dispatch effect method. 

Im a little bit confused...