8 channels .wav files

Hi all,

Is it easy to tweak the code in order to manage an ‘eight channels’ .wav file in AudioFormatReaderSource class for reading them and, conversely recording them in AudioFormatWriter?

Does anybody have some examples or ideas?


Did you try it?
not sure about writer, but reading shouldn’t be a problem.
The only problem i had in the past is described here http://rawmaterialsoftware.com/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=7323&hilit=stereo

No, I didn’t.

First of all, thank you for sharing this code. On the other hand, I am in the process of judging if manage 8 mono files or a more robust and compact one 8 channels wav file.

I’ll maintain informed you, just in case you’d take advantage of this.


Hi Gabriel,

you might want to look at

It’s an audio engine I have written for a multi speaker sequencer for Ambipanning (Something derived from Ambisonics, i.e. 3d sound field generation/approximation). This method generates a single multi-channel wave file.

Thank you Samuel,

I’ll catch an eye to such huge source code!

I was visiting your web sites. How do you manage to do so many things! You are the new renaissance man!