8Dio is looking for a JUCE Developer


I’ve been the lead engineer for the past year and a half on an interesting software project with 8Dio here in the SF Bay Area. We’ve been building our own audio engine in C++, using JUCE for UI, audio/midi/file I/O, and FFT. I have to say, it’s been really rewarding to build something from the ground up, and at least for me, a welcomed change to work in a “lightly-structured” development environment (no managers, no JIRA tickets, no code reviews, etc. – just coding!). Everyone works at home and so far it’s been pretty low stress.

We are now ramping things up and looking for another person to join the team (contract or full-time). You can take a look at an old (but still applicable) job description from a previous position here: https://8dio.com/company/jobs/audio-engine-programmer/
We will consider someone with any of the “desired experience” listed, but i would add that our immediate need is for a person with JUCE UI experience.

If you are interested, please send a cover letter and resume to jobs@8dio.com.



Thank you for posing a job which is very appropriate for me.

I am Brian Kim who lives in Japan.

I’ve developed various fields of applications for over 10+ years, including desktop applications, mobile applications, and web sites.
Especially, I spent much time to develop musical applications, like VSTi and MIDI instruments. (I append 2 screenshots of the musical application which I developed.)

I also have the special experience of researching auto-tuning technology which makes human voice along the MIDI melody.

I sent an Email attaching my resume.

Best regards,
Brian Kim