8th 1.2.0 released!

8th is a secure, cross platform programming language which uses JUCE as its GUI library. 

We just released version 1.2.0, which has a great many cool new features. Check it out:


... and it supports older Ubuntu LTS among other things


Year-end sale...

Until Dec 31st 2015, you can get 50% off an 8th licence: http://8th-dev.com/forum/index.php/topic,669.0.html

Only a couple more days left!

And we spiffed-up our site, too: http://8th-dev.com/ 

This looks like an interesting idea, but most of the links are dead, and the ones that work don't readily take you to anywhere useful e.g. simple examples in this language, source code, license, download, sample apps, etc.

If you wish to muster interest, you need to roll out the red carpet a little ;)


Well if you mean the links above, they work but the things they link to have gone away.  It was quite a while ago, after all.

The canonical site link http://8th-dev.com/ works fine, and so does the forum. I will remove the old version announcements I think...