A good starting place for subliminal player app? (like iTunes but with subliminals)

Whats a good starting point for using JUCE, for someone creating a subliminal music player app? (I am OSX based btw)

Basically my idea is this:

Subliminal audios are quite a popular niche in youtube and theres a growing active community. And its really helpful for a lot of people’s health/mind/etc. So its a good app idea.

I just need a good “Starting point”, so I can see how all the GUI/audio stuff works.

I’m an accomplished programmer (I created a lot of cool stuff). But I have trouble dealing with complicated things, especially as a newcomer.

So I prefer to lean towards anything simple, as a starting material.

Is there an “iTunes-like” audio-player example project I can start off with?

Or just some sort of “list of audio files I can play” example project?

I assume lots of people would have made or wanted an example like this in the past! As its a good starting point for a lot of projects!

Oh by the way…

I’ll probably make this a more “community style” app, with donations, but open-sourced.

Because I want a lot of people to help contributing but I can’t afford to pay anyone basically!