A JUCE application in the KVR Developer Challenge 2012

I have forgotten to tell you that I have developed a JUCE application for the KVR Developer Challenge 2012 :mrgreen:


Mine is called Inspiration, and is the only one I think which uses JUCE. I may be wrong, but there are not a lot of multi-platform entries, so this is a guess. And this is also the only one which does not create any sound :lol:


The concept was something I have thought about a few years ago. Initially, I wanted to develop something which is more about drums, but one month before the deadline, I felt that I wouldn’t be able to finish, so I started something else. The basic idea is inspired from the Oblique Strategies of Brian Eno, that I improved a little to be the perfect companion of the book The Frustrated Songwriter’s Handbook, by Karl Coryat and Nicholas Dobson, from the famous “Immersion Composition Society”. The software allows the user to draw randomly aphorisms and advice items, more or less precise, related with songwriting, mixing, productivity, to be used while creating some music stuff and to fight against creativity blocks. It includes also an editor to create and share your own compilations of advice, and several advice sets that I have created.

I had a lot of fun with the UI side of things, since I have first used here the Look and Feel classes, and because I created some stupid UI components to make the editor easy and efficient to use. I would really like to improve more and more my skills in UI design in the future, although I have done not so bad things before in my work, where I use JUCE all the time too :mrgreen:

That’s a pretty impressive collection of free audio tools! Thanks for posting, and good luck with your submission.

I beg to differ. :slight_smile: I participated with PitchedDelay.

I just took a look at Inspiration (I only checked a few entries before as I’m rather busy) and I must say I really like the look and feel. I didn’t put much energy into the PitchedDelay GUI (standard JUCE lookandfeel) myself, mainly because I was missing a vision (and time :slight_smile: ).
Good luck with your entry. It’s a nice contrast to the majority of more or less common plugins in the DC12.

Oh I’m sorry, I do see your plug-in, and of course it was obvious that you used JUCE too :mrgreen: Good luck with your entry too, and thanks everybody for the nice comments :wink:

It’s sad to say it but nowadays I think UI design has become far more important than the audio algorithms in audio applications…

Well done :smiley:
this also means that I no longer have to worry about digging out my old Oblique Strategies VST code (also made in Juce :wink: but far more simplistic) when I get the odd email asking for it - it was lost a long time ago!

I got messages from people thinking that I am you, or that I developed something useless since you have developed the same thing before yet :mrgreen:

Anyway, I’m very proud of the advice sets I have created, and I’m using them more than the original Oblique Strategies when I’m having fun with Inspiration