A “JUCER” XCode 4 “Interface Builder” some day?


Ive just been scanning the XCode 4 Blurb at Apple and note that theyve bought their interface builder ( using Cocoa based NIB metadata of course ) inside the
XCode 4 IDE.

Do you think theres any chance that this interface builder thing could be modified in the future ( by Apple or yourself ) to allow JUCE interfaces to be designed all within the XCode IDE ?.

I maybe wrong, but seems to me at its heart we are dealing with a metabase based WYSYWIG GUI editor - tied to code.
Now of course the whole thing is tied to Cocoa and its own implementation of MVC - by hey - any thoughts?

Would it be possible to “shoehorn” or somehow rework the JUCER matadata concept and underlying JUCE GUI API so that we could ditch JUCER and just use Xode ?

Failing that - i notice in the latest incarnation of your JUCE classes some classes that seem suspiciously to be to do with editing C++ code :wink: have you some great plans
for the JUCER yet to be revealed ?

It would of course be cool if we could edit code and jump easily between JUCER and a code editor.

On a final slightly leftfield note - one reason I still prefer so much to work in REALbasic ( and then translate to C++ JUCE ) is because its IDE not only links the GUI design to code in typical V.S. fashion, but more significantly it lets one focus wholly on OBJECTS - ie classes, directly, one doesnt forever have to be dealing with .h and .cpp files. If you WERE to come up with your own IDE, it would be way cool if one could “hide” the actual C++ files and just view/edit the classes, methods and properties as just that. XCode “kinda” does this crudely - but one is still painfully aware that theres this header/implementation file crap going on.

thoughts ?

Finally - since i have crude versions of many of the JUCE classes written in REALbasic ( which i use for initial design and prototyping ) what are your thoughts on me releasing my “RB JUCE” source code online, open - sourced. ? I would do this if approved at the same time as i also open source my RB > C++ code translator ( along with a half finished C++ > RB translator ).



The new jucer’s still underway, but I think it’ll be good when it’s done!

The only recent plans that might not be mentioned elsewhere are that I’m now going to mix all the graphics + components together, so if you want to embed a rectangle, filled path, etc, it’ll be added as a child component along with all your other controls and widgets. And because of this blurring of the lines between components/graphical objects, everything can be warped and transformed, even widgets, etc.

an obvious question: -

will one be able to double click on a control, select an event handler from a dropdown list and easily view the handler code ? ( either within JUCER or Xcode via apple events and such like… )

Sort of… In the same way that the old jucer lets you preview the code that it’s going to generate, the new one will let you see a preview of the code - but, it’ll also let you edit all the “user-code” sections of the file (the whole file will be visible, but the automatically-generated parts will be read-only). So yes, you’ll be able to click a button for a component’s event handler, and it’ll be able to whisk you straight to the section of code where the event handling occurs, so you can edit it.