A little finicky on Raspberry Pi

I've only witnessed this a few times, and it's more of an annoyance than a problem, but if you're a little too quick on a Pi, Introjucer crashes.

What do I mean " a little too quick"? I hear you ask... well, I haven't quite worked that out yet, but I think it's click around while the mouse is displaying as a whirly (hourglass) icon. I.e., presumably datas being wrtten back to disk (which can take a long while witha big/multi-platform project, such as Juce Demo ).

I'll try to develop a recipie, but for now, I'll just leave this here in case others have spotted it too.

Hi Dub, can you run the Introjucer in gdb and then send me a stack trace (info stack) when it crashes? That would help a lot!


Ok, I'll try. It's not always reproducible when I try to... only seems to do it when using it in anger/release mode (and not been a probem when I tried to use it recently), but I'll try