A systematic way to install third party libraries?

Hello. We’re fumbling our way toward a cross-platform application which uses various LGPL packages. I’m intending to figure this out and then emit some sort of reference document about how to do this that we can all link to and modify.

Many of these use a fairly standard system where you type ./config [config options] and then make.

  1. Finding the right GCC seems to be an issue. Shouldn’t we be using the Visual Studio’s compiler to build these packages, since the experimental JUCER emits files for Visual Studio (and since our Windows part is a Visual Studio programmer?) Or if it’s OK to use “Cygwin’s” gcc, what’s the most standard way to include that?
  2. Strikes me that I’m not alone. An interesting idea might be to have a simple convention for “standard library installation” and another line in the experimental JUCER that said, “Standard libraries” which installed “standard libraries” like this for Windows, OS/X and Linux…?

(Sounds like little work to do this - most of the work would be on the person installing. The one issue is configuration management, but that would have to be accomplished by the ./config command.)

Cygwin’s gcc can build the library, but I’ve not got “official” support for it at the moment.

I’m a bit jetlagged today, so might not be super quick on the uptake, but I don’t really understand what you mean about the standard lib suggestion - do you mean that you’d ask for a standard library like “libjpeg” and it’d go off and get that lib and configure it for whatever platform you’re on?

Wow, that’s a lot to ask for!

No, I was thinking of something much simpler - where you go out and get the library, install it “in parallel” to JUCE, and then JUCE simply generates a reference to the library in the XCode or Visual Studio file.

Even that seems as I write it out a little tricky… :smiley:

You can already add flags to make it link to static libraries… How is what you’re suggesting different from that?

What I was aiming for here (getting different configurations of libraries) has been taken over by the other thread on the experimental JUCER!