A Voice Changer Plugin

Hello there,

I'm looking for a voice changer plugin, similar to MorphVox. I do programming in C++ and I am totally new in VST concepts.

Any comment could be helpful.




You could start with the example code for a plugin.

Just adding a waveshaping routine, or other DSP stuff to the processBlock() function gets you half way there.


a waveshaper (Chebyshev Polynomials):



so for example ....

void processBlock(AudioSampleBuffer& buffer, MidiBuffer& midiMessages) {

        for (short i=0; i < buffer.getNumSamples(); i++) {

            for (short chan=0; chan<2; chan++) {

                float v = *buffer.getSampleData(chan, i);
                 if (order == 2)   v = 2*pow(v,2) - 1;

                 else if (order == 3) v = 4*pow(v,3) - 3*v;

                 else if (order == 4) v = 8*pow(v,4) - 8*pow(v,2) + 1;

                 *buffer.getSampleData(chan, i) = v;




Thanks for your Help.