AAX 2.3.1 Updates

You need to add a couple of headers to the AAX Wrapper…

#ifdef AAX_SDK_2p3p1_REVISION
     #include <AAX_Exception.h>
     #include <AAX_Assert.h>



It’s compiling fine for me without that…

Could you remove it again and post the error message?

Aah… You’ll need it when you replace AAXClasses::check() with the new AAX_CheckedResult class.


OK this is fixed on develop with commit 3e4a4c0.

Fabian, is there a way to know which version of the AAX (or VST) SDK to use with the master and the develop JUCE branches? Say I want to update to the master 5.3.0 branch, which AAX (and VST) SDK verions should I use?
Just asking to avoid trouble, because from what I read here, just downloading the latest AAX SDK and using the latest stable master JUCE branch won’t work, right? It might be good perhaps to log this somewhere in the repository whenever you guys update to a newer version?

The latest version should always work with the latest JUCE version on develop. If not then we will try to fix it immediately (like in this case).

And is this then also back-ported to the stable master branch?
Or do people not release plugins built with the latest stable master branch and use the develop branch instead? Perhaps I’m misunderstanding the distinction between master and develop branches.

As we update the master branch every 1-2 months, the master branch will either be compatible with the very latest SDKs or one version before. It kind of depends on how big the change is to support a new SDK. If it’s very small (like in this case), then we will hot-fix this on master as well.

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