AAX Audiosuite Clipname Suffix Manipulation

I’m in the process of developing an AAX Audiosuite plugin using the SoundRadix EnhancedAudioSuite wrapper. The particular workflow we’re trying to implement involves dynamically manipulating the suffix that is applied to the clip name upon rendering. Has anyone had any experience with this?

From looking at the wrapper, I can see that is being dealt with in the getPlugInDescription(...) static function, which is in turn being called from GetEffectDescriptions(...). Looking at the AAX SDK, it appears that GetEffectDescriptions(...) is called when the host first loads the plugin, so I’m assuming that the suffix string/info if being stored with host, and not being queried from the AudioProcessor when the render process takes place.

Does anyone have any insight as to how this might be achieved? Or if there could be a way to manipulate the plugin description depending on certain criteria? Any help would be much appreciate.

There’s GetClipNameSuffix() in the AAX SDK.
If you find it useful we can add a virtual on the audio processor around this so you can try using it.

But… it seems to have a lot of “known” issues suggesting it’s not really useful on any release pre-2020 and I’m not sure what’s the current status…