AAX cleanup procedures

The most recent tweaks to AAX have made a big difference in the way it works. I have found that there are some issues for systems that used earlier versions of AAX. There’s some stuff that ProTools caches that conflicts with the new ID stuff in AAX. This usually shows up as a failure to load the plugin. In some cases the plugin loads but misbehaves. I’ve been in contact with Avid and gotten a procedure that works a lot, but perhaps not completely. I offer it here in the hopes that others might be able to extend it for cases where it doesn’t seem to be effective:

  1. Remove all instantiations of the offending plugin from any project that might have it.
  2. Go to the system library. Burrow down to [color=#0000FF]OSX/Library/Application Support/Avid/ProTools/Databases.[/color] You’ll see some number of files with peculiar names. Delete them all. This folder seems to be structured a little differently on different systems. I think blowing away [color=#0000FF]Databases[/color] is the key.
  3. Go to the user library. Get down to ~/Library/Preferences. Delete all of these files:
    [color=#0000FF]com.digidesign.ProTools.plist[/color] (there’s an associated lock file. Don’t worry about it)
    [color=#0000FF] DAE Prefs[/color] (it’s a folder. Delete it)
    [color=#0000FF] Pro Tools Prefs[/color] Name may vary slightly for version of product
  4. Empty the trash
  5. Click your heels together and say “There’s no place like home”. I’m not sure about this one, but it doesn’t hurt.

Hope this is helpful.