AAX getting stuck at instantiation

When I try to add my instrument plugin to ProTools I get stuck with the beach ball.
Pausing the debugger shows it’s stuck waiting on a semaphore.
Can anyone give me a hint where in my code I should go looking for a solution to this?

ps. Replies by PM or I created a topic on the Avid Developer forums if worried about NDA :wink:

I’d look at additional threads. to see where there’s another lock / wait.
In the stack you’re showing there is a symbol with Automation so it might give you a clue if you’re doing something with parameters…

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Was bit of a red herring the automation: I have some startup stuff occurring in a separate thread that was trying to acquire MessageManager locks when adding listeners that was causing the deadlock. Now I need to work out how to fix that!

I’m hoping it will be safe to forego the MessageManagerLock when adding the listeners whilst starting up, but not sure how I’ll prove that true.