AAX issue

Hey guys -

This error appeared a couple months ago for me, and I’m just now back at a windows machine to debug a little. This only seems to happen on windows.

Basically, the MasterBypass Param (which Juce creates) is causing an issue sometime after initialization of the plugin.

The plugin gets through it’s constructor and prepToPlay method, including the addBypassParameter() function in juce_AAX_wrapper. At that point, the number of params on the mParamManager is correct, and I can see the proper names / value / etc.

Some time after that, this occurs. Pro Tools, for whatever reason, is querying the ParameterOrientation of the param with the “MasterBypassID” (from the Main thread).

It calls to the parameter manager, and get’s back a parameter with no name (empty string).

The number of parameters is still correct, and this is certainly the same paramManager, but there is some sort of issue.

I’ve gone ahead and removed all of my parameters, and put return statements in processblock and most of the other statements, so I’m fairly certain I’m not changing the name of that param (not that I even have access to it).

Of course, this could be an Avid problem, unclear :frowning:

Anyway, I’m not sure I have a clear idea what is happening, but maybe someone here would have a good idea offhand?

Seems almost some kind of race-condition/threading issue. Do you have optimizations disabled? Also strange bugs can happen if you build the AAXLibrary with a different version of VS than the one you are using for your project. Are you sure they are in sync? Just guessing here really…

no, I’ve just rebuilt it for this. Both are using VS2015, so that shouldn’t be the issue.

I’ll take a look at optimizations, but this happens for the debug version as well as release (I don’t tweak the settings that come with AAX build project, so it should have optimizations disabled for sure in debug at least).

Rebuilding now just for a sanity check.

Hmmmm …

full clean and rebuild of AAX libs - problem persists
tried other plugins - problem persists
full rebuilds of multiple plugins - problem persists
opened AAX libs and added some debug output statements - problem disappears …

I hate windows more each passing day.

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