AAX Library v. 2p3p1 compiling error: Semantic Issue with #pragma pack

I am trying to compile the latest AAX Library, and getting this error 4 times in total:

“The current #pragma pack aligment value is modified in the included file” all of them in the “AAX.h” file.

Running Mac OSX 10.13.6 HIgh Sierra, XCode 10.1 (10B61), and AAX Library 2p3p1

This is after making the automatic XCode suggested corrections., and running the compiler.

I posted this on the Avid Developer forum on April 3rd, and have had no one there answer.

Any help? Thanks!

These are the lines throwing this error message:

465 #include AAX_ALIGN_FILE_HOST
585 #include AAX_ALIGN_FILE_ALG

Is it actually an error that you’re encountering, or just a warning? If you’re building with -Werror you could try switching that off to see if it makes a difference.

Judging by this stack overflow thread it may be possible to disable just that warning by building with -Wno-pragma-pack, or (ideally) by using #pragma push/pop to disable the warning selectively within files.

Hi, it may be a warning… not sure. Will post the error msg. Later when I am at my laptop. Thanks.

Hi Reuk,
I disabled the “Treat Warnings on errors” set it to “no”, and one Library compiled!
The “libAAXLibrary.a” was made, then I changed it on the other scheme, and it worked as well, I got “libAAXLibrary_libcpp.a” as well.
They go placed in the DeBug folder.

Thank you so much!!!

I’ll post on here is I find any more errors related to this Library.