AAX oddities

I am observing several oddities trying to bring-up AAX processing with my AAX/VST/VST3/AU plugin.

  • PT 12.4 (release build) fails to load the plugin with "invalid aaxpluging":
    • its PACE wrapped and signed and loads fine as VST/VST3/AU, what could I have missed?
  • ​it loads under the DigiShell dsh
    • ​​however releaseResource() never gets called although prepareToPlay() gets initially called. As a workaround I am calling releaseResource() by myself from the audio process destructor. But thats prone to break since my audio process class is generic and gets overwritten, so chances are the virtual releaseResource() itself will be overwritten as well, but at destruction time not available anymore.
    • ​​all parameters are getting initialized with 0. Thats nuts.
      • is this my mistake of selecting the default preset too early (here during audio process construction)? If so where should the initial default preset be selected?

​​Cheers & thanks,


IIRC there's no easy way in AAX to find out when processing stops, and to call releaseResources(). I think most people just use that method as a way to optimise their resource use, but don't make it critical to the correct behaviour of their plugin (which is a sensible plan, since even in VST or AU, there will inevitably be crappy hosts that fail to call it too).

Not sure what could be happening with the parameters - first thing to do would be to add some breakpoints or debugging to see when it gets changed, I guess.

The parameters initialize with 0 because AAX has some kind of default parameters. Have a look at the wrapper. You have to provide your own default parameters.

Thanks jules and patrick!

I haven't noticed that the audio processor already has a virtual callback for setting default parameters. Overwriting this solved the issue! Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!