AAX plugin showing up as MIDI node in AudioSuite?

We noticed that our AAX plugins, when instantiated in AudioSuite, show up as a MIDI Node. And when Previewing, some of the MIDI notes I play on my keyboard actually make it through to the plugin.

How can I prevent my AAX plugins from showing up as MIDI nodes in AudioSuite?

Your plugin isn’t meeting one of these conditionals somehow is it?

Aside from that I don’t see how it’s being added as a MIDI Node… unless there’s some other AudioSuite/AAX weirdness I’m unfamiliar with :slight_smile:

Yes, it is meeting those requirements. Our plugin does want MIDI input. Just not when it’s being instantiated in AudioSuite. But that code you showed makes no check for if the plugin is being loaded in AudioSuite, which is should, in my opinion, since MIDI can’t be routed properly to AudioSuite. (It works, sometimes, for some notes, when Previewing, but when Rendering you don’t have real-time access where the MIDI can be routed at appropriate times.)

Gotcha! I noticed they’ve recently added isInAudioSuite() and use it in some other places in the plugin… sounds like it would make sense to disable MIDI based on that AudioSuite status in this case

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That would be nice, but we’re not allowed to update to the latest builds. After this project goes out, we’ll update to the latest Master, but never to a Develop branch. I wonder if there is similar code I can add there in the 5.3.2 SDK we’re using now. I don’t know if that’s even available at the time that the descriptor is being created, though. I’ll look and see, but if anyone knows, it’d help a lot! Thanks!

Yeah it sounds like you would maybe have to copy those AudioSuite changes to your 5.3.2 code base… @t0m may have some better insight though