AAX plugin with OpenGL Component losing mouseDown

If you build an AAX plugin with JUCE 2.0.21 that uses an OpenGLRenderer in a view Component, an odd behavior occurs with mouse clicks. If the plugin’s window is not the most recently focused window (for example, the plugin window is open, but you have just clicked on another window in Pro Tools like a mixer window), and then if you left-click within an OpenGL Component in the plugin window, the Component does not receive a mouseDown call, nor is the window brought to front and focused (you can tell by looking at the window’s top-bar, it will still be light gray and the window close button will be gray not red). However if you double-left-click on the window, or right-click, all is well and the Component gets a mouseDown call and the window is brought to front and focused.

You can see this behavior using any simple AAX plugin project. As a test, I built a slightly modified DemoGain_JUCE from the AAX SDK 1.0.6. I upgraded it to use JUCE 2.0 (applying the changes necessary that I describe at http://www.rawmaterialsoftware.com/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=9724&p=55765 in order to allow the plugin to build), and then I just did the very basics of making the DemoGain_ViewComponent use OpenGLRenderer. I can supply the modified project if you’d like.

It’s a relatively serious problem for a plugin of mine because it means that if the window is not fronted and then you click in the OpenGL area of it, it appears to the user that the UI has completely frozen (since no mouse clicks are received, focus is not present, etc.). I haven’t found a workaround yet, but any insights on how to fix this or work around it would be much appreciated.

Tricky… When you use GL, then your component contains an embedded GL NSView, so that’s clearly not behaving itself. But it does work ok in a normal app, so that’s very odd… Is this only a problem in an AAX, or have you seen the same thing in e.g. VSTs in other hosts?

This isn’t an AAX issue but happens in all formats, at least on Macs.

Also reported here: http://rawmaterialsoftware.com/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=10023

Your checkin for this fixed it, thanks so much!