AAX plugins host

does anyone know any host that I can use to run and debug AAX plugins? Ofcourse except Pro Tools.

I need some quick and simple host, something like JUCE AudioPluginHost. Something that I can run often and debug my AAX plugins.

When I was trying to pass the Avid certification exam (which I failed :frowning: ) there was some question which allows to conclude that Avid provide such application, but after google it I can’t find anything but Pro Tools.

For any help great thanks in advance.

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Maybe Avid Media Composer and the Avid Venue Mixer? But there are no 3rd party AAX hosts, Avid doesn’t allow that.

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I sent you a private message (because of NDA) regarding some developer tool I think they could mean – but besides that what’s about their video editing software, I think you can load AAX plugins there too?