AAX post build event

Shouldn’t the CreatePackage.bat script be called with the “call” command?

Ahh ok, what’s the benefit of using the “call” command. Can’t find much info on the web about it.

(I’m not a windows expert) I found out, that my own my pre-build event - a *.bat script (without call command) - prevented the other pre-build commands (added from projucer for aax) from running. Since i added the “call”, all commands will be executed. Thats why i wonder, this might be interesting for any batch-scripts which are called from any build-events.

if you

call child.bat

then after child.bat has completed, the control resumes in parent.bat with the instruction that follows the call.

If you don’t use call, then the control passes completely to child.bat, and the whole batch processing terminates when child.bat ends (i.e. what comes after it in parent.bat doesn’t get executed).

Related to this: you can use exit to return from a called batch, but if you simply call

exit 0

then the whole batch execution will terminate. To only exit from the current batch (and resume execution in the caller), you should issue:

exit /B 0

Of course, you could use /B everywhere in your batches, and when issued from the “root” batch, it will simply terminate as a regular exit would.


This is fixed on develop now.

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