AAX - Release Optimization = Error

Hey everyone!

I’m building my AAX product for release. Debug works great, Release works great (unoptimized).

When I DO build with optimization /OX, I get a ‘pure virtual call’ error in Pro Tools. Rebuilding again without optimization works.

Any way I can optimize the code AND have it work in Pro Tools? Thanks!

Here’s a screenshot of the error:

I tried optimizing with /O1 /O2 and /Ox and they all have the ‘pure virtual function call’ error :frowning:

Usually when a release build crashes it means there was a bug in your code that just happened to never cause any visible side-effects in the debug build.

Usually it’s an uninitialised variable, or a timing-related race condition that only goes wrong when things run at a different speed. As for tracking it down, sorry, that’s a tough one. I’d normally start by disabling bits of code to try to close-in on where it might be coming from.

Yeah, I figured it may be something like that, and I’m zeroing in on it. Thanks for the help Jules!