Aax repaint issue when resizing

when an aax is resized to a smaller size, it looks like a there is missing repaint() or something and it the editor is sometimes not painted at the right position:

I can’t reproduce this with the latest develop on Pro Tools 12.5.0, macOS 10.14.5. Are there any extra steps I need to do to reproduce this?

hum… I’m on latest develop, with mac 10.13, and I tested in the developer build of protools 12.8.2.
Nothing particular to reproduce. as you see in the gif above it does not happen everytime (like if an extra paint sometimes happens and fixes the issue).
I drag fast and release quickly the mouse button during the drag

I’ve just downloaded the 12.8.2 build and I can reproduce this now, I can’t see that we’re doing anything wrong on our side though. Are you able to reproduce this with any other non-JUCE plug-ins?

Looks like this happens when the plugin is smaller than the actual window. I suspect the host is not clearing its paint buffer properly.