AAX setNonRealtime


Looks like setNonRealtime is not currently supported in AAX.

Looking at AAX documentation, you need to handle AAX_eNotificationEvent_EnteringOfflineMode and AAX_eNotificationEvent_ExitingOfflineMode and override NotificationReceived from AAX_CEffectParameters

Hope this helps.

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Like this?

[code] AAX_Result NotificationReceived (AAX_CTypeID type, const void* data, uint32_t size)
if (type == AAX_eNotificationEvent_EnteringOfflineMode)
pluginInstance->setRealtime (true);
else if (type == AAX_eNotificationEvent_ExitingOfflineMode)
pluginInstance->setRealtime (false);

        return AAX_CEffectParameters::NotificationReceived (type, data, size);


well the opposite true <-> false but yep it looks good

Doh! Yes, of course… Have checked-in now, let me know if it works.

I wasn’t able to find the bounce in any PT debug version I have so I’m afraid I can’t check right now :frowning: