AAX support will be included in Indie for JUCE 5

Hi everyone,

We’ve sent on 20th April an e-mail to JUCE customers, announcing licensing changes to JUCE 5. This e-mail will be sent shortly to the whole user base.

We announced in this e-mail that AAX support was going to be only available to Pro customers (and not Indie customers).

Many customers have reacted to this, feeling that an existing feature was taken away from them.

After discussing with the JUCE team, we’ve decided to re-include AAX support to the Indie license.

Thank you all for the feedback, and we look forward to seeing what you will do with JUCE 5!

JB & the JUCE team


Thats great! Thank you!

Great news! Thank you!

Awesome. Thank you for listening.

Since no category was specified for this topic, I’ve took the liberty of categorizing it in “Commercial/Licenses”, which is the same category where the subject was discussed in the other long thread.

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thanks, good call yfede

Is it correct to deduce that AAX support is therefore not available in the personal or educational licenses?