AAX wrapper crash

Getting a crash in the AAX wrapper when my plug-in tries to init, it crashes on the line in the function addBypassParameter:

ParameterManager.AddParameter (masterBypass);

Running in Protools 12 with the lastest AAX SDK. JUCE framework is 5.1

If anyone has seen this crash would be great to get some details, I noticed in the plug-in config that there is a flag #define JucePlugin_AAXDisableBypass, however doesn’t make any difference if this flag is set or not, still calls addBypassParameter and crashes.

void addBypassParameter(){

        AAX_IParameter* masterBypass = new AAX_CParameter<bool> (cDefaultMasterBypassID,
                                                                 AAX_CString ("Master Bypass"),
                                                                 AAX_CBinaryDisplayDelegate<bool> ("bypass", "on"),
        masterBypass->SetNumberOfSteps (2);
        masterBypass->SetType (AAX_eParameterType_Discrete);
        mParameterManager.AddParameter (masterBypass);
        mPacketDispatcher.RegisterPacket (cDefaultMasterBypassID, JUCEAlgorithmIDs::bypass);


Exactly where does it crash? Does the JuceDemoPlugin also crash? What’s the stack trace?