Ability to define which modules to include for each platform

Sometimes in the same project i want to disable specific modules for different platforms (solutions). For example i have an external library packages as module that works only for windows, and i want to add it to the project but do not compile it for mac or linux.

Would be cool to be able to tick flag for each module in each solution so to avoid to create multiple projects with different module sets... 

Makes sense ?


I'd rather avoid adding another dimension to the introjucer settings like that, because once you start having per-module-per-config settings, you can end up with ridiculous numbers of checkboxes to click on.

If you have a platform-specific module, then wouldn't the simplest approach be to just #ifdef out that module's entire header + cpp content on the platforms where it doesn't work? That way you could include it but it wouldn't actually cost anything.

ok makes sense...