Ableton 11 ChildProcess Errors . Windows 10

Hi All,
I’ve spent a few days on this and cannot get to the bottom of the issue. Any help appreciated!!

I have a VSTv3 plugin that uses a ChildProcess with its exe located in C:/Program Files.
Ableton 11 app lives in C:/ProgramData.

Only after adding this VST to a Ableton project do we regularly get the following error when attempting to save the Ableton project:
“There was an error when closing the file xxx.als”

Since this issue does not occur with other DAWs I am guessing its something to do with Ableton running from ProgramData - perhaps permissions related?

I looked at changing the permissions in start with no luck (and no clue as to how to do this properly):

SECURITY_ATTRIBUTES securityAtts = {};
        securityAtts.nLength = sizeof (securityAtts);
        securityAtts.bInheritHandle = TRUE;
        //I think this is where we start process with different permissions...?? Nothing I try here works.
        //SetSecurityDescriptorSacl(securityAtts.lpSecurityDescriptor, true, NULL, true);     
        if (CreatePipe (&readPipe, &writePipe, &securityAtts, 0)

Also debug spits out this which may or may not be related:
“Exception thrown at 0x00007FF8C232CD29 in Ableton Live 11 Suite.exe: Microsoft C++ exception: TException at memory location”

Any ideas?