Ableton 8 Problem / Introjucer / seperated VST AU


It seems there is a problem with Ableton 8 on Mac OSX. Somehow it uses the VST-Wrapper entry point, even when using the AU. (Maybe through the shared binary / it says the plugin is somehow incompatible, and it does not work) (i think this has nothing todo with the OBjC-Suffix problem)

Now I want to configure two (X-Code) project exporters in Introjucer, one only for VST (without AU), and one for AU(without VST), is that somehow possible?

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Jules, could you change in the introjucer-generated appconfig file, that the plugin-types only will be set, if they are undefined… because (see below…)

// Audio plugin settings..

#ifndef JucePlugin_Build_VST
  #define JucePlugin_Build_VST    1

#ifndef JucePlugin_Build_AU
  #define JucePlugin_Build_AU     1

#ifndef JucePlugin_Build_RTAS
  #define JucePlugin_Build_RTAS   0

…than it would be very easy to switch them on/of via Pre-Processor settings, and you can create different project-Exporters for different Plugin-Types, this would be an enormous help:


Ok, good idea, thanks.


cool, btw it would be could to have these undefined-checks for any plugin-parameters, so one could create easily different plugin - versions…


not sure if you already done this, in the current tip its not possible to override the plugin-settings, only the other settings


Sorry, changed the wrong bit - will sort it out later…