Ableton buy Cycling 74 (Max/Max4Live) - OT discussion of what it means

The Ableton and Cycling74 CEOs jointly stated that :
“new challenges face them with integration of non traditional computing platforms”

Which basically one can read as iOS and other non PC platforms ( Android )

So given Ableton is written in Qt and MAX in JUCE - if they were to come out with something on iOS it would make sense - to not mix frameworks going forward… and focus on a single framework for a future code-base for iOS iPad apps that incorporate both Ableton and M4L support…

so which would they choose ? JUCE or Qt ?

I would guess they’re going to continue using both. Moving from one framework to the other would be a monumental task, and one which likely wouldn’t yield much gain other than a little more shared code.

Max4Live is already an example of JUCE-powered code running tightly coupled to the Qt-powered Ableton, so it clearly hasn’t been a problem in the past.

Ableton Live is not written in Qt. Qt/QML is only used for Push 2’s display.

I remember reading an in-depth article somewhere about the making of Ableton Live, where they detailed how they had to roll their own framework to get the look and feel exactly how they wanted - using a particular sub-pixel accurate graphics library for the drawing, whatever the name was of that, so that they could get crisp tiny typography. Sorry about the vagueness, I can’t remember where I read this now. just had an article about how Push interfaces can be made using Juce though, so it may be moving in that direction!

i admit i only assumed the Qt thing because of … guess what ? Wikipedia…

Just goes to show… and all that …

On Windows you can look in c:/ProgramData/Ableton and see that they basically have the whole QT framework Qt5Core.dll, etc.

Seems like it is running QT. :slight_smile:

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If they switch to JUCE maybe they’ll finally get VST3 hosting working. I know VST3 has it’s problem, but it’s been 9 years…

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Just small note, QT is not the same as Qt :wink:

Yeah, Apple’s QuickTime is pretty much dead now. :wink:

Shift Key laziness.


now corrected.