Ableton Live ignores Default Channel Configuration for AU

Seems like Ableton Live ignores the default BusesProperties (from AudioProcessor constructor) and opens all buses always with the maximum number of channels with AU. Its seems VST2 works fine.

And thats pretty inefficient if you plugin supports Surround too.

Not sure who the culprit is.
Latest Ableton Live 9 Version.

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Yes. This seems to be what ableton live does. I while back I put some code into the plug-in wrappers which will always limit your plug-ins to stereo in ableton, but the forum didn’t really like it as it limits the control you have over the layouts (maybe you want to limit your plug-in to mono in ableton live!?!). So in the current MultiBus version it’s up to the developer to limit the channels to stereo if loaded in ableton live.