About Juce_Variant.cpp

hi, jules
How are you?
I am doing a small plugin derived from your browser plugin demo.
I meet two problems.

  1. In Variant class, the maximum num parameters in API is 4, however, I need 5 parameters . Shall I add one function to variant class for 5 parameters input?

const var var::call (const var::identifier& method, const var& arg1, const var& arg2, const var& arg3, const var& arg4, const var& arg5) const
var args[] = { arg1, arg2, arg3, arg4 ,arg5};
return invoke (method, args, 5);

  1. I want to use data type long, in variant class, it does not support this type. Shall I add long to variant class? How can I do it?

I am not sure if these two modifications will work or not. Could you please give me some suggestions?


Yes, no problem adding a 5 param function call, I was probably just too lazy to type it in myself…

Does anyone know if javascript uses long integer values for its variables? If it does, then I should probably change the var class to only use long ints… If not, then you could always just pass it as a string instead?

hi, jules