About mac browser plugin

Hi, jules
How is it going?

I build demo plugin on mac successfully. After I built it, the plugin bundle is copies to plugin folder automatically. It works on my computer. However, when I copy the plugin manually to my friends’s macs, firefox browser can not recognize the same plugin in two other mac books. Is there some computer specified things in the plugin?

Any ideas about this issue?


Nope, it should just work. You’re not trying to run an intel binary on a ppc mac, are you?

Hi, jules
how are you?
I build pcc binary and using it on pcc mac. I still got the same problem.
Have you tried using plugin in this scenario?


Hi, jules
How are you?
I open juce mac browser plugin demo in xcode.
choose Project tab, click Edit Project Settings,
it shows the setting page.
There is one setting: Deployment
Alternate Install Group : (INSTALL_GROUP) Alternate Install owner: (INSTALL_OWNER)
Alternate Install Permissions :$(INSTALL_MODE_FLAG)

Install Group :(GROUP) Install Owner (USER)
Install Permissions : u+w,go-w,a+rX

what’s this settings about? Is this the reason that i built jucedemo plugin and can not be used on other people’s PPC Mac?


Well, I’ve never come across that problem before, but I have sometimes heard about plugins not being correctly recognised by the OS as bundles. Unfortunately I’ve never figured out why this happens, and it usually suddenly fixes itself for no apparent reason if you copy the files about a bit or restart the machine. Might be what you’re seeing here…

As for the group stuff, it’s unix filesystem stuff - I don’t think I can explain it better than apple’s help docs.