Access to mobile sensors, etc

I am sure this is another question that seems painfully obvious to those who already know the answer…
I’m considering which libraries to use for a possible mobile app, but I haven’t found any explanations, documentation or demos of how JUCE would make use of a mobile device’s various components.
For audio io, network access, camera, user input, etc., would you just use the same JUCE classes as for desktop apps? Or are these things handled separately, outside of JUCE?
And things like gyro, location, accelerometer, permissions, settings?

Thank you.

JUCE doesn’t provide functionality to access pretty well every sensor. You can see this here where someone took the matter into their own hands: Accelerometer/gyroscope support for iOS and Android - #9 by aamf !

For the rest - audio, MIDI, camera, input, permissions, and networking - you would use JUCE’s provided APIs. WRT “settings”, I’m not sure what you mean by that specifically as any settings are typically controlled via permissions.