ACPI and no repaint

Hi all,
I’ve done a small app that shows a slideshow of images, it uses a Timer that switches image and calls repaint() every 10 seconds (no threads).
After 3-4 minutes the app stops repainting itself until I move the mouse, press a key or connect to the pc through SSH.
If I run another non-JUCE app (like XClock) in background my app repaints correctly forever.
I solved this problem booting with the kernel parameter “acpi=off”, but this way I can no more shut down the pc remotely.

I’m using Debian Lenny and I

  • tried on different machines
  • tried with Radeon and NVidia video cards
  • tried running X with just my app (without window-manager)
  • tried running X with just my app and fvwm2 window-manager
    all times experiencing the same problem.

Is there any fix for this bug?


Weird… I’m afraid that goes beyond my X11 knowledge… anyone else got any ideas what might be happening?