ADC'18 videos are now uploaded

Hi everyone, just wanted to let you know that all the videos from ADC’18 are now uploaded! Enjoy! Here they are:

Day 1

Day 2


Videos that don’t appear to be included in those playlists…

Day 1 the Apple sponsored talks (same as last year, I guess they don’t like sharing?)

  • Inside HomePod
  • Using MIDI Capability Inquiry

Day 2

  • JUCE team Q&A (this seems like a really useful one to have shared if it’s possible)
  • User experience design in audio applications (EDIT: this is listed as The UX of audio experiences)

I saw the JUCE team Q&A on the live stream.
As far as I remember, the audio quality was bad. Maybe that is the reason, why it is not included?

That’s a lot of videos!
Any particular talks that you guys particularly enjoyed and would recommend watching?
(I only watched jules keynote atm)

I particularly liked Aurelius’ keynote (Democratization of Audio), from Day 2.

Thanks for posting these videos for those of us who could not attend. Very cool!

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