ADC19 Appeal!

Hey folks

Well, ADC19 is due to start on Monday, but some of you may have heard about the …ahem… slight last-minute hiccup we had, where the venue we had booked (CodeNode) decided to suddenly declare bankruptcy a few days ago, meaning that the very large amount of money we had already paid up front for the venue has now disappeared.

J.B., Joshua and Sophie have put in heroic efforts to secure another last-minute venue, so things will go ahead and the conference will be every bit as great as it would have been! But ADC was never a big money-maker, and having to essentially pay for two very expensive venues is going to add up to a very nasty financial loss this time. Some of our sponsors have very generously chipped-in funds to help out, and ROLI will foot most of the bill, but to help us cover some other new costs like AV and live-streaming, we’ve just launched a Patreon campaign. If you’re looking forward to watching some of the live-streams next week, it’d be great if you could help out a bit :slight_smile:

Thanks all, and looking forward to seeing many of you in a few days!