Add annotation support for ComboBox items


I would like Juce to support annotation system for ComboBox items,
And more generaly PopupMenu Items.
This to add extra informations like this:



For that, I propose to use the existing PopupMenu::Item::shortcutKeyDescription member generally filled by commands for Main application Menu.
And add optionnal argument and accessor to PopupMenu and ComboBox classes:

void PopupMenu::addItem (int itemResultID,
                   const String& itemText,
                   bool isEnabled = true,
                   bool isTicked = false);
                   bool isTicked = false,
                   const String& annotation = String());

void ComboBox::addItem (const String& newItemText, 
                        int newItemId,
                        const String& annotation = String());

String ComboBox::getItemAnnotation(int index) const;

Here my patch for current Juce developer branch as a Pull Request:

Thanks in advance for your concern about this.
All the best