Add DrawableButton Via Graphical Component Editor

Hi. I’ve noticed that there doesn’t apperar to be an option to add a DrawableButton under the sub components tab of the GUI component editor in the Projucer. I have a number of SVG images I’m using for buttons and had to code the DrawableButtons by hand (which I don’t mind at all). It seems like all of the other button types are available to add from the component editor in projucer. Is there a plan to add DrawableButton to the list of button types?

Also, tangentially related, is there a way to use relative layouts via the area method (as described in the advanced layout tutorial) when laying out components with the Projucer graphical editor? Again this is easy to code by hand but I don’t see a way to do it via the Projucer.


We don’t have any plans to add anything new to the GUI editor in the Projucer. It’s mostly there for legacy reasons and, whilst it’s quite nice for quickly previewing simple UIs, when the layout starts to get even a little complex you’re better off just writing it in code.

Makes sense. Thanks!

(And thanks for the tutorials; I’ve found them to be really helpful.)

You’ve got @martinrobinson-2 to thank for those!

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